salvaged wood projects

Covid-Sequestration has nudged the masses back to kitchen-table basics. Hobbies, crafts, improvements, renovations.  Here, a few local efforts:

The spruce came from c.1910 drawer bottoms salvaged from a U. of Penn administration building renovation;  the cedar from a 1940s wardrobe, cracked, fallen, and unusable.  Amazing what can get done with a little hammering, prying, ripping, planing, glueing, and sanding.

How it is made: Cylindrical Vessel No. 1

How it is made: Cylindrical Vessels Nos. 2 & 3

How it is made: Cedar cabinet reclaimed from cedar wardrobe (April 2021)

BONUS:  How it is done:  Bedroom refurbishment  (February 2021)

How it is made: Slat shelf

How it is made: Spruce scrap into scrappy tray (2022)

February 2022 – Mantle shelf No. 2:   Mini table with complementary earring tray.  The little box weighs less than a USD 25¢ piece!  Fashioned from the c.1910 drawer bottom dregs salvaged from a U. of Penn administration building renovation.

How it is made:  Spruce side shelf   –  

Completed December 2021, this shelf sat in the rafters, waiting the right hooks.  They never arrived, I tried a couple of Lee Valley chrome hooks.  Not period-correct.  Eventually two c.1927 nickel-plated brass bath hooks are robbed from other locations to complete this shelf.

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