arts & crafts with salvaged wood

A collection of projects added as they progress.  Next up, a picture frame.   For now . . .

May 2022heartpine live edge shelf No. 1

May 2022heartpine wall panel:  The idea came to make a wall-mount bedboard.  This one is about 62″ x 23″.  The panels are all heartpine and the rails & stiles are fir.  There are bracing supports bridging most of the 27 pine slats, as the slats are not lap or finger joint.  The journey makeing this prototype was laborious but now I can make one, make a better one, and most importantly, price one of any size   🙂

May 2022 heartpine tray:   Before quarter-sawing a choice 3×4 post of 1850s longleaf pine, the worn exterior was saved for another authentic distressed tray.  Can’t fake patina like that!  Nor those splinters on the bottom.  Had to encapsulate that area in acrylic

May 2022Scrappy spruce shelf:     Constructed with the 5th of six c.1900 spruce drawer bottoms salvaged outside a U. of Penn administration building in 2018 as featured here.  This shelf was started in 2021 but with the sourcing of these fine c.1927 nickel-plated brass bath hooks, we can finally call it D.O.N.E. 🙂  More pics in the salvaged wood projects thread.

April 2022The Easter Egg Shelves:   This began as two shelves but went south.  A quickie redesign, scroll saw, inlays, overtime, electric lighting, snacks, and BYKI, way over budget. 
How it’s made:  A gorgeous piece of scrap pulled from a dumpster.  Look at that grain!  Ripped with 7″ circular saw, hand planed and scraped the smooth, nearly consistent.  Failure, success, mistakes, triumph.  A little hand-sanding to 220 and diluted spirit varnish solves all.  Don’t forget 0000 steel wool final buff both before and after the violin varnish.

The Easter Egg Shelf

March 2022Scrappy hemlock trays:   A nice hemlock joist c.1880 came my way.  Tablesaw-less, I made a few test rips with a circular saw.  The scraps eventually made it into two scrappy trays:  one for my Hatagane miniature brass bar clamps, the other as a basement stairway shelf.  The second was claimed by an aunt for her dining room table (!) in Williamsburg Virginia.  It did get a little reworking.  😉

The Hatagane Clamp Tray

The Williamsburg Tray

How it’s made: The Williamsburg Tray

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